Our Story

Hi, my name is Hanneke and I am the founder of SkinBliss. Let me tell you a bit about myself..I studied BSC Chemistry at Stellenbosch University, finished my Masters and found myself in a teaching career. Although I did enjoy it, I did not see the passion in me for it.

My skincare journey started with me having the worst skin in my life, feeling loss and hopeless and not confident in my skin at all. I started researching ingredients and completing courses online about skincare. I completed my Postgraduate Diploma in Cosmetic Formulation at UCT and started working at a world-renowned Skincare Company. Although I learned so much and got my deeper appreciation for skincare, I knew I wanted to start my own brand. Initially I started experimenting on myself and my friends and with the amazing results obtained, I was proud to start my own Skincare Brand, SkinBliss.

Our Value Proposition

At SkinBliss we believe in providing you with the best of nature and Science. Our ingredients are extensively researched and the efficacy have been tested to provide you effective products. Our main focus is for our products to give you healthy skin and to feel confident in your skin.